Pico Fedora


The Pico Fedora Hat is a beautiful fedora featuring a felt fedora base trimmed with a deep, luxurious band of green pheasant neck feathers.

Our fedoras come in 4 sizes:

S: 55cm

M: 57cm

L: 59cm

XL: 61cm

Purchase options

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Charcoal grey
Choc brown
Country green
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Purchasing a model hat

  1. Click the 'Choose an image' button that appears in the box below
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  3. Select your hair colour
  4. Click the 'Add to hat box' button
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Please ensure that you've selected all colour options.

If you don't require a 2nd or 3rd colour for any element of your hat or fascinator please select 'None' from the colour list.


The Pico Fedora Hat in your choice of colours

All of our hats are available in any colour way.  You can choose the base colour for your Pico Fedora hat by clicking here. The hat band will be as shown in the product images. We are happy to send out colour swatches so you can be sure that the colours you choose match your outfit. Please contact us on info@hostiehats.co.uk to order your colour swatches.

Free Colour Matching Service

We also offer a free colour matching service.  If you would like us to help you to style your hat to your outfit please select a hat style, choose ‘request a colour consultation’ and checkout as usual.  We will then be in touch to help you choose colours to match your outfit and the occasion perfectly.