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Our 2018 Edit: Mother of the Bride and Groom Hats

We understand that it’s not every day that you wear a hat, you may never have worn a hat before, and as the Mother of the Bride or Groom you are one of the most important ladies in the room on the big day (apart from the Bride). We want you to feel absolutely fabulous in your chosen ‘Mother of the Bride hat’.  We can help to guide you through your hat purchase to ensure your hat perfectly suits you and your outfit.

If you are unfamiliar with wearing hats and don’t know where to begin the first thing we recommend is trying on as many styles and shapes of hat as possible.  You can then begin to understand what suits you, what you feel comfortable in, what brim size you would like and whether you want a hat or something on a hair band or elastic.

Book a Private Mother of the Bride/Groom Hat Consultation at Our Studio

You can make an appointment to come and have a consultation at our studio in Lincolnshire where you can try on our full range of hats and styles and we can work with you to find the right Mother of the Bride hat style and colours for you and your outfit.  If no one style is perfect for you we can create a bespoke hat for the big day.

If you cannot get to us we are more than happy to work with you whether over the phone, social media or email, exchanging photos and colour swatches to help you to get the best Mother of the Bride or Groom hat for you.  Lucinda has a keen eye for colour matching and with our extensive colour chart you can be sure that your hat will perfectly match your outfit’s colours.

Our Edit: Mother of the Bride Hats

Moet Hat

Moet hat in Blue Note

The Moet Hat is a great Mother of the Bride or Groom hat. The base and the crinoline bows can be in different colours so you can pick out an accent colour for your outfit.

The Collins Dish hat is a beautiful Mother of the Bride hat with lots of flexibility to pick out the colours in your outfit .  It has a very romantic style and although it looks like a hat is actually made on a double hair band which is comfortable to wear and reduces the ‘hat hair’ effect of a traditional brimmed hat.

Collins Hat

Collins hat in Base: Ivory, Feathers: Ivory, Roses: Ivory

Tequila Dish Hat

Tequila Dish hat, Base: Silver, Bow: Silver

The Tequila Dish hat is made on a smaller dish if you are looking for a smaller hat that still has a brim. The crinoline bows make this smaller dish hat feel more substantial.

If a Pillbox/Cocktail Hat is more the style you want then the Spritz pill box hat is a great choice.  The feather detailing allows you to choose up to 3 colours to pick out accent colours in your outfit. This hat can come on your choice of hair band or elastic, whichever you would find the most comfortable.

Spritz pillbox Hat
Ameretto Fascinator

Amaretto Fascinator: Feathers and Loops: Blue note, Pink Pink

A fascinator is another style option for you as the Mother of the Bride or Groom.  We love the Amaretto Fascinator from our 2018 collection and the feathers come in up to 3 different colours allowing you to perfectly personalise your hat.

We hope that you have the best day at you Son or Daughter’s wedding and we would love to see photos from the big day. Please send them to us on or tag us into your photos on Facebook or Instagram.

A Note on Wedding Hat Etiquette

We know you will love your hat and want to wear it all day however not everyone will be as comfortable! Etiquette dictates that your Guests will take the Mother of the Bride’s lead on when to remove their hat, usually just prior to the wedding breakfast.  If the venue permits it, try to find a way for guests to secure their hats whilst the festivities continue.  A great way to do this is providing a ‘washing line and pegs solution’ usually against a wall where hats can be pegged up and kept safe.

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